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Fox Scarf

A pattern for a fox scarf.

I’ve had this idea for a while and ended up deciding to finally make it when I was working on Christmas gifts this year. Unfortunately, I forgot to take anything but phone pictures of it before giving it away, so the photo quality isn’t the best. Oops.


  • tch: turning chain stitch
  • fsc: foundation single crochet 
  • sc: single crochet
  • st: stitch
  • slst: slip stitch
  • mc: magic circle
  • inc: increase
  • dec: invisible decrease
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • hdc-dec: half double crochet decrease
  • sk: skip
  • BLO: back loop only
  • ch-sp: chain space


  • yarn in preferred colors
  • 2 safety eyes
  • stuffing
  • yarn needle


  • Color A: orange
  • Color B: white
  • Color C: black

Yarn: 4/worsted.  

Hook: J/6mm


**use orange, stitches in brackets should be [white]

R1: 6fsc, tch (6)

R2: 6sc, tch (6)

R3: inc, 4sc, inc, tch (8)

R4: inc, 6sc, inc, tch (10)

R5: inc, 8sc, inc, tch (12)

R6: [inc], 10sc, [inc, tch] (14)

R7: [inc, sc], 10 sc, [sc, inc, tch] (16)

R9: [inc, 2sc], 10sc, [2sc, inc, tch] (18)

R10: [inc, 3sc], 10sc, [3sc, inc, tch] (20)

R11: [inc, 5sc], 8sc, [5sc, inc, tch] (22)

R12: [inc, 6sc], 8sc, [6sc, inc, tch] (24)

R13: [inc, 8sc], 6sc, [8sc, inc, tch] (26)

R14: [inc, 9sc], 6sc, [9sc, inc, tch] (28)

R15: [inc, 9sc], 8sc, [9sc, inc, tch] (30)

R16: [9sc], 12sc, [9sc, tch] (30)

R17: [8sc], 14sc, [8sc, tch] (30)

R18: [6sc], 18sc, [6sc, tch] (30)

R19: [5sc], 20sc, [5sc, tch] (30)

R20: [3sc], 24sc, [3sc, tch] (30)

R21: 30sc, tch (30)

R22: 4sc, BLO: 6sc, 10sc, BLO: 6sc, 4sc,tch (30)

R23-24: 30sc, tch (2 rows, 60st)

**all st BLO from here

R25-78: 30hdc, tch (54 rows, 1620st)

R79: hdc-dec, 26hdc, hdc-dec, tch (28)

R80: hdc-dec, 24hdc, hdc-dec, tch (26)

R81: 2hdc-dec, 18hdc, 2hdc-dec, tch (22)

R82: 2hdc-dec, 14hdc, 2hdc-dec, tch (18)

R83: 2hdc-dec, 10hdc, 2hdc-dec, tch (14)

**all st in both loops from here

R84: 2hdc-dec, 8hdc, 2hdc-dec, tch (10)

R85: 3sc, ch4, sk4, 3sc (10)

R86: 3sc, 4sc in ch-sp

R87: inc, 8sc, inc, tch (12)

R88: inc, 10sc, inc, tch (14)

R89: 14sc, tch (14)

R90: inc, 12sc, inc, tch (16)

R91: 16sc, tch (16)

R92: inc, 14sc, inc, tch (18)

R93-95: 18sc, tch (3 rows, 54st)

R96: 7sc, [sc], 10sc, tch (18)

R97: 9sc, [2sc], 7sc, tch (18)

R98: 6sc, [3sc], 4sc, [sc], 4sc, tch (18)

R99: 3sc, [2sc], 4sc, [3sc], 6sc, tch (18)

R100: 5sc, [5sc], 2sc, [3sc], 3sc, tch (18)

R101: 3sc, [4sc], sc, [5sc], 2sc, [sc], 2sc, tch (18)

R102: 2sc, [2sc], sc, [11sc], 2sc, tch (18)

R103: 2sc, [11sc], sc, [3sc], sc, tch (18)

R104: sc, [15sc], 2sc, tch (18)

R105: sc, [17sc, tch] (18)

R106: [17sc], sc, tch (18)

**tie off orange, all white from here

R107: 18sc, tch (18)

R108: dec, 14sc, dec, tch (16)

R109: dec, 12sc, dec, tch (14)

R110: dec, 10sc, dec, tch (12)

R111: dec, 8sc, dec, tch (10)

R112: dec, 6sc, dec, tch (8)

R113: dec, 4sc, dec, tch (6)

R114: dec, 2sc, dec, tch (4)

R115: 2dec, tch (2)

R116: dec (1)


**sc around entire scarf, matching the colors as you go



**work in continuous rounds

R1: 6sc in mc (6)

R2: 6inc (12)

R3: (sc, inc)x6 (18)

**FO, leave tail for sewing

Ears (x2)


R1: slst to front loop on R22 of scarf, 6sc in FLO, tch

R2-4: 6sc, tch (3 rows, 18st)

R5: dec, 4sc, tch (5)

R6: dec, 3sc, tch (4)

**change to black
R7: dec, 2sc, tch (3)

R8: dec, sc (2)


**sc around edges, matching the colors as you go


**Sew nose onto face at R2, making sure it’s centered.

**Attach button to BACK of nose.

**Use embroidery chain stitches to stitch eyes at the top edges of the white part of face.

You can buy an easy to use PDF version of this pattern on Ravelry!


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